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New in Accad.....................FrEeLaNcE CoUrSeS

No need to be free to take the courses that you want.
Even if you are busy all the time you can take freelance courses you want in ACCAD.

What is a Basic User?

This is the opportunity to start a new language and develop new orientation. Learners at this level challenge their self-development using our tactics of approach to the language. Grammatical areas are introduced and treated simply with lots of communicative tasks and vocabulary.
Students will be taught how to handle conversational situations, their reading and writing skills will be emphasized to better understanding and direction. There are 5 levels for the Basic User.

What is a Self-dependent User?

These courses introduce new features to challenge adult and young learners and ensure that learning English is interesting and motivating. Approaches help students use English both accurately and fluently. The Self-dependent Users are our Pre-intermediate and Intermediate levels of English.

What do Pre-intermediate students need ?

Pre-intermediate students are at crucial stage in their learning. The novelty of being a beginner may have worn off, but the goal of communicating in ease and fluency can still feel a long way off. Students at this level more than ever need material that maintains their enthusiasm and builds their confidence. They need to know how much they are learning and what they can now achieve. At the same time they need the encouragement to push themselves to use the new language that they are learning.
Therefore this is how we elaborate on the four main skills:
Every lesson has a speaking activity which activates grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. The tasks are designed to help students to feel a sense of progress and to show that the number of the situations in which they can communicate effectively is growing.
At this level learners need confidence-building listening tasks which are progressively more challenging in terms of speed, length and language difficulty, but are always achievable. They also need a variety of listening tasks which practice listening for gist and for specific details.
Reading at this stage is important in helping to build vocabulary and to consolidate grammar. Students need motivating but accessible material and tasks which help them read better, e.g. Guessing the meaning of words & phrases from the context. These texts have been adapted from a variety of real sources (the press, magazine, news websites, etc.) and have been chosen for their intrinsic interest.
Each file contains a writing lesson, where learners study a model before doing a guided task themselves. There is also a focus on punctuation, spelling and connectors.

What do Intermediate students need?

The intermediate level is often a milestone for learners: at this point, many learners begin to "take off" in terms of their ability to communicate. Some students however may see it as a "plateau" and feel that they are no longer making the progress they were before. Learners at this level need fresh challenges to help them realize how much they know and to make their passive knowledge active, together with a steady input of new language.
Therefore this is how we elaborate on the four main skills:
With topics that will motivate them to speak and the usage of keywords and phrases necessary to discuss a topic. Students get the chance to put into practice grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation that have been worked on earlier.
Listening is still a problem for many students of the intermediate level, therefore we address this with motivating and integrated listening texts and tasks which are challenging in terms of speed length, and language difficulty, but which are always achievable. During these tasks students are also exposed to a wide variety of accents, including some mom – native speakers of English.
We encourage students to read outside the class by giving them motivating material and tasks in class which help then develop their reading skills. Therefore, we present them reading texts adapted from a variety of real sources (newspaper, magazines, and the internet) which have been chosen for their intrinsic interest, that stimulate students to react and respond.
Students study a model before doing a guided writing task themselves. These writing tasks focus on both electronic and traditional text types, and provide consolidation of grammar and lexis taught earlier. With a focus on punctuation, spelling, or connecting expressions.

What is an Advanced User ?

These courses have strong practical orientation and provide an opportunity for developing specialist knowledge and expertise. Approaches help students use English for competitive and higher educational purposes.
Learners at this level receive longer approach to examine language items in isolation. The emphasis throughout the course is to help students gain confidence and competence by acquiring the essential skills, knowledge and understanding of successful practice. Students are competitive and after completion are accepted for entry into higher Education Courses, including Teacher Training. Students will obtain rich sources of demonstration in any field requiring fluency of the English Language.

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